Activist calls for united front against fracking

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A Milton of Campsie political activist is adding his voice 
to the campaign against 
controversial fracking plans in East Dunbartonshire.

Neil Scott, organiser of the East Dunbartonshire Campsie branch of the Scottish Socialist Party, wants party politics to be set aside in 
the battle to save the local 

He said: “It is emerging there is great opposition locally to any future plans to frack in the area.

“We believe this is an issue which people from all parties, including our partners in the Yes campaign, The Scottish Greens and the Scottish National Party, can work closely together on.

“The Scottish Socialist Party are opposed to unconventional gas extraction and we will work within the community, and with all political parties opposed to the spoiling of our area for corporate greed.

“Any politician supporting this will pay a heavy price at all forthcoming elections.

“We welcome the setting up of “Frack Off” anti-fracking groups across East Dunbartonshire who will work together as part of the wider, national campaign.

“Although the Westminster Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition claims to be the greenest government in history, like all of their pledges and claims, this has to be heard by a cynical ear.

“Funding and governmental help has benefitted the energy companies wanting to turn a quick profit, rather than those wanting to develop energy solutions that have little or no negative environmental impact on East Dunbartonshire, Scotland and indeed the world.

“Evidence coming to light in countries such as the USA and Australia is very worrying, and these fracking companies and their Westminster Parliament shareholders seem to care more for their pockets rather than the safety of ordinary people.

‘‘The local and national SSP will endeavour to support the anti-fracking campaign and support clean energy alternatives.”