Alien invader causing concern in Kirkintilloch – but it’s Knot a problem

Japanese knotweed in Waterside, Kirkintilloch.
Japanese knotweed in Waterside, Kirkintilloch.

BUILDERS are winning the war against a notorious weed which can grow through CONCRETE, it has been claimed.

Dawn Homes are currently building 30 houses on land at Campsie View, in Kirkintilloch, and were told to deal with the Japanese Knotweed before starting construction.

Work on the project is now well underway, but local residents insist that no approved plan to deal with the invasive weed has been submitted to the council.

One resident said: “I’ve been to the council to try to see a copy of the action plan, but nobody seems to know what’s going on with it.

“It seems to me like the council’s just letting things like this slide. What else are they allowing developers to get away with?”

But Thomas Glen, the council’s head of development and enterprise, told the Herald that the scheme was approved last year.

He said: “The planning service can advise that a scheme for the removal of Japanese Knotweed has been submitted by the developer and was approved in September 2011.

“The treatment recommended in this scheme has now been carried out. A site inspection has been carried out and at this stage there is no evidence of any re-growth.

“A copy of the report is available for inspection.”

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