Amazing Murphy the art-loving dog

Lindsay McLean with her dog Murphy and centre staff Eleanor Ferguson and Bobby McLachlan.
Lindsay McLean with her dog Murphy and centre staff Eleanor Ferguson and Bobby McLachlan.

An adventurous dog has been made an honorary member of staff at Kilmardinny House in Bearsden because he visits them so regularly.

Nine-year-old Murphy, a retriever cross who lives with his owners Lindsay and Roger McLean in Kilmardinny Crescent, walks to the nearby Kilmardinny House/Arts Centre every day on his own.

He has been making this journey to Kilmardinny House, which is about 322 metres away, for about the past four years and he’s become good friends with the facilities assistants there, Bobby and Eleanor.

They have even made him a special pretend ‘facilities assistant’ badge with his name and photo on it.

He’s also very popular with people of all ages who attend the variety of classes there, and some of them call him ‘Murph’.

And local artist Margaret Zoma has even done an acrylic painting of Murphy, which has been given pride of place on the wall at the arts centre.

His owner Lindsay, a yoga teacher, said: “Murphy doesn’t like being locked in so he’s learned how to open doors.

“He opens the front door of our house to go out - but he can’t close it behind him!

“He knows which door he can open at Kilmardinny House and how to get out as well.

“He’s just worked it all out for himself - he’s such a smart dog.

“Everyone loves him as he’s always happy and very good natured.

“We’ve put his badge on him a few times in the morning before he leaves and joked that he’s going to work.

“It’s quite funny - he’s such a wee character!”

Margaret said: “I’ve been going to Kilmardinny House for art classes for years and I’ve got to know Murphy very well.

“I have my own dogs at home - they often hide their chews in my handbag and Murphy always finds them!

“He’s a big friendly mutt and everyone is very fond of him.

“As he’s become so popular we thought it would be nice for me to paint him and I was touched when the staff put my picture of him on the wall.”