Ambulance blocked by parents picking up schoolkids in Kirkintilloch

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A GRIEVING daughter has called on East Dunbartonshire Council to stop parents clogging up a road with parked cars - after the ambulance taking her dad to hospital got caught up in afternoon gridlock.

Christine Barrie was travelling with her 97-year-old dad in the ambulance on Gartshore Road, in Kirkintilloch, last month.

But parents picking up their kids from nearby St Agatha's and Gartconner primary schools blocked their way.

Christine, who lives on nearby St Columba Drive, said: "He was in great pain and had already waited almost two hours for the ambulance. He died in hospital four days later.

"I have tried on numerous occasions to get something done about the parking situation, but always get the same health and safety reasons trotted out to explain why the council can do nothing to prevent a serious situation arising."

Now Christine wants the council to either provide a car park, or put yellow lines on the road to stop parking on Gartshore Road.

She added: "We have other elderly residents in Gartshore Estate. If this situation is not resolved soon then they might land in a similar situation.

"It is too late for my dad, but something has to be done - sooner rather than later."

A council spokesperson said: "The council has already installed 'Keep Clear' markings and bollards in an effort to deter inappropriate parking at the schools. Parents who ignore these would likely also ignore a single yellow line.

"Emergency vehicles may use the bus lane, if necessary.

"School staff have repeatedly asked parents to park considerately."

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