An explosive art exhibition from Milngavie artist

Frank To using Gunpowde. Photograph by Moira Buchanan.
Frank To using Gunpowde. Photograph by Moira Buchanan.

A Milngavie artist is showcasing a series of paintings which he created from iginited gunpowder and explosive blackpowder in Blanefield’s Smithy Gallery from August 7 to 28.

Frank’s unique painting technique is garnering him international recognition as a leading contemporary painter amongst art critics and high profile collectors alike, including actor Sir. Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek fame) and New York based Michel Witmer, who hangs To’s paintings alongside those of Picasso, Dine and Warhol.

To said: “As I’m from Chinese descent, gunpowder and black powder plays a major role in my culture. The Chinese did invent it as form of spectacle and weaponry.

“To this day in all cultures, we are still using those compounds for those purposes especially in Scotland with independent landowners. They need gunpowder and black powder in the maintenance of their estate.

“The new work are made with gunpowder and black powder.

“It’s a very unusual technique that I have developed and it’s taken three years to perfect it. As far as I know, I’m the only one in Scotland using this medium. I’m hoping that exhibiting these new work for the first time at the Smithy Gallery will be well received. It’s new territory for me.”

Natale Harrison, owner of the Smithy Gallery, said, “Frank To is dedicated to continuing his journey in art – a journey enjoyed by both art lovers and collectors of his work.”

Frank To will be showcasing his new work in the Affordable Art Show at the Smithy Gallery, 74 Glasgow Rd, Blanefield, Glasgow G63 9HX.