Anger after “glamour model” pleads for older people to fund her lifestyle

The flyer received by puzzled locals
The flyer received by puzzled locals
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PUZZLED residents in Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs and Lenzie have received a bizarre flyer urging people to support a “glamour model”.

The hand-posted leaflet purports to be from Elizabeth Bentely, who says she wants to “make new friends, especially friendly, kind and generous and solvent older gentlemen and women (44-99 years).”

The 27-year-old, who claims she lives near Bishopbriggs, insists she is doing nothing wrong and threatened to sue the council after Trading Standards announced they would be probing her activities.

The leaflet advertises a website which features pictures of an “Elizabeth Bentley” – a different spelling of her surname from the flyer.

One Herald reader said the leaflet had been posted through doors in Kirkintilloch, particularly Harestanes.

She said: “Many friends, family members and neighbours were understandably outraged by the correspondence, which was not delivered by the Royal Mail.

“They were astounded at the audacity of the leaflet and felt it was hugely offensive. What is essentially something you might expect in your spam e-mail box is not something you’d expect to come through your door.

“On the glamour model’s website all of the contact information is for Mayfair, London, despite the fact she claims to live in Bishopbriggs.”

However, in a long letter to the council, Elizabeth said: “I am neither displaying anything illegal on my leaflet nor am I doing anything illegal. And I am looking to make the right kind of friends who match my social circle and social status and anybody I am interested to get to know privately for the purpose of a private friendship I will obviously meet and get to know, and if we become friends I will meet them maybe for decades.”

Her website contains an Amazon ‘wish list’ of gifts people can buy her, including watches, clothing, and a £550,000 house in East Dunbartonshire.

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