Anger over collapsed wall below Kirkintilloch restaurant

Photo Emma Mitchell 20.06.17'Damaged wall beside the canal
Photo Emma Mitchell 20.06.17'Damaged wall beside the canal

A Kirkintilloch resident is demanding to know why a collapsed wall just feet below a restaurant in the town centre has not been repaired.

Our photograph shows customers eating at the outdoor area at Nonna’s Kitchen immediately above the damaged wall at the canal path.

The woman, who asked not to be named, wants to warn of the danger and said: “It’s been lying like that for months and months and no one is doing anything about it.

“It’s very unsightly. It’s also potentially unsafe because it could collapse further. People walk here regularly.

“Something must be done about this now.”

East Dunbartonshire Council told the Herald the canal path area is the responsibility of Scottish Canals.

The Herald has contacted both Scottish Canals and Nonna’s Kitchen and is awaiting their response.

A spokesperson for Scottish Canals said: “We are aware of the wall failure at Nonna’s kitchen and have taken steps to ensure that the area was made safe while we carried out investigations of the site.

“When the restaurant was being extended, work was carried out to remove a tree by the restaurant’s contractor; this is the area that has failed. We are in discussions with the restaurant owner regarding liability and are in the process of appointing a contractor to repair the wall. We will continue to monitor the condition of the wall until these works are completed.”

A spokesperson for Nonna’s said they “did not wish to comment” on the matter.