Anger over Kirkintilloch and Lenzie road works

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Motorists and residents have slammed East Dunbartonshire Council for allowing multiple roadworks to cause confusion and congestion in a town centre.

Last week saw Kirkintilloch Road, in Lenzie, closed for flood alleviation works for nearly two months.

Closed road at Myrtle Avenue

Closed road at Myrtle Avenue

A diversion has been put in place for traffic travelling between Kirkintilloch and Lenzie via Initiative Road.

A separate detour directed traffic down a series of small residential streets, including Middlemuir Road, Sycamore Avenue and Birch Drive,

Council chiefs have since said that this was a DIFFERENT diversion for works being carried out by Scottish Water.

Those opting to take the official Initiative Road route have been left to queue at temporary traffic lights for ANOTHER set of roadworks at Industry Street.

Meanwhile, further works are being carried out in Cowgate and Townhead as part of the Kirkintilloch Town Centre masterplan.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie has previously said that the work will “ultimately deliver long-term benefits” but many Herald readers have questioned whether all the works had to be carried out at the same time - leading to traffic queues and motorists choosing to use residential ‘rat runs’ to skip delays.

One resident said: “There are diversion signs at entrance and exits of almost every road in Kirkintilloch so it gets where you don’t know where you are diverting to.”

Lenzie resident Jennifer Cooke added: “It’s an absolute nightmare and completely ridiculous. There’s no reasonable justification for doing all the work at the same time.

“What’s the urgency all of a sudden? I’m very unhappy.”

Woodside Avenue householder Elaine Abernethy is also unhappy, saying: “I’m noticing an increase in speeding traffic and am having to tell the kids to be extra careful because of these idiots - they can see that it is a quiet street but still use it as a rat run.”