Anger over more new housing development plans for Bearsden

Anger is growing over plans for a new housing development, with residents saying it will cause traffic congestion and put a further strain on local services.

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 10:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 10:48 am

Robertson Homes wants to build homes on land at Bearsden Golf Club at Thorn Road in the town.

The builders are holding a public exhibition at the golf clubhouse on Tuesday, November 6, from 2pm-8pm as part of their consultation with 
local people.

But many residents have reacted angrily to the news and are urging East Dunbartonshire Council to halt “the over-development of the area.” Beth Anderson contacted the Herald and said: “I live in Bearsden and the traffic is truly shocking. Getting in and out of the area at rush hour is a complete nightmare.

“The amount of new housing developments has been ridiculous over the past few years – we don’t need and can’t have any more.

“There will be no green space left, not to say the strain that is being put on services like GP surgeries and schools. It’s over-development, plain and simple.”

The message was the same across social media, with one resident posting on the Herald’s Facebook page: “Please stop building in Bearsden.”

While another posted: “I walk my dogs up there and have done for years. Very sad to see it developed”.

Another posted: “More houses? There is no room in the schools and no parking. Yes people, do come and live in the misery that is now Bearsden!”

Council boss Thomas Glen responded: “Each local 
authority, including East Dunbartonshire Council, is required to 
produce a Local Development Plan – consulted on, and approved by council and the Scottish Government.

“It sets out the council’s long-term land use strategy and is intended to guide development and regeneration strategies, taking account of potential impact on local infrastructure, facilities and services.

“The LDP has legal status in decision making on planning applications and, with the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan,forms the Development Plan for this area against which planning applications are determined.”