Anger over rail plans to demolish bridge

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Residents are up in arms over the closure of a bridge which is being demolished as 
part of a rail improvement programme.

They say they were given just three days notice of the 
closure of the Gourlay Street Overline Bridge near Bishopbriggs on 
Monday, April 25.

In a letter to local residents on April 22, Network Rail said Glasgow City Council “may” have been in touch with them to inform them of the 

But residents say they 
have heard nothing from the council. One concerned resident, who does not want to be named, said: “To tell the community three days before closing the route is shameful.

“The local community has been kept in the dark. The council has not been in touch. That means no one can object, I suspect.

“This bridge is one of three exits from our small community here at Cowlairs.

“Now Network Rail, with the 
assistance of the Council, seeks to cut off our direct access to Keppoch Street, Morrin Street and Morrin Path.”

The bridge at Springburn is being demolished as part of the Edinburgh to Glasgow rail improvement programme.

In its letter, Network Rail’s senior communications manager said: “When demolishing the bridge, the majority of our work will take place during the day as the line is already closed due to work in Queen Street Tunnel.

“The main demolition will take place on the 19 and 20 May and we will have a crane situated on Gourlay Street.

“For safety reasons, we will limit access for vehicles.

“We will also temporarily close off the children’s play park over these two days for safety reasons a s it is very close to our work site.”

The letter added: “The bridge will not be replaced.”

The concerned resident added: “Network Rail, and presumably the Council, seems to think diverting people via Keppochhill Road shouldn’t be a problem.

“There are no notices on Gourlay Street informing the public of the closure of the route. This is a right of way, is it not?

“As such, why are Network Rail being allowed to demolish a bridge and not replace it?”

A spokesperson for Network Rail told the Herald this week they were required to give a month’s notice of any demolition works, which they had done as this would not take place until May 19.

He added that it was up to the council to give residents notice of the closure of roads and bridges in the area.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: “The council had (on behalf of Network Rail) notified near neighbours - within 20 metres of the site. There was no response from anyone to this notification.”