Angry motorists name their ‘streets of shame’

The Herald has been inundated this week with comments from motorists about potholes on East Dunbartonshire’s roads.

The ones being nominated as the worst in the area included busy routes to schools and residential areas.



Some claimed their cars were getting damaged, while others spoke about falls on the pavements around the district.

One mum said: ‘‘My son’s had to replace two tyres in two weeks due to the potholes on Lammermoor Road, in Kirkintilloch.

“I told him to claim off the council. Shocking!”

Linzi McMillan-McColl said: “Potholes are atrocious! Unexpected £208 repair bill because of them!’’

Francis McMahon says he bought a 4x4 car as the suspension on a normal car couldn’t keep up with the pounding.

David McGuire added: ‘‘Armour Drive has been a disgrace for years, Burns Road at Harestanes Primary is being chewed up because of the buses. They patched them the other day, but they are coming up in chunks already, and Lammermoor road is bad as well.

“But in all honesty all the roads in Kirkintilloch are a disgrace.

“I had to replace two tyres the other day after hitting a pothole in Harestanes. I drive all over as a taxi driver and Kirky is by far the worst for potholes.’’

Arlene Cameron said: ‘‘I agree in fact the whole place is getting worse.

“Last week I had to spend £400 on parts for my car because of the state of the roads.

“Get them fixed instead of patching them up like a patch work quilt.’’

But East Dunbartonshire Council says it concentrates its limited cash on urgent and emergency situations.

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services, said: ‘‘Road defects are funded from a very limited revenue fund and repairs are prioritised on the basis of safety.

“The revenue budget is different from the capital budget, which funds large infrastructure projects. With this limited revenue budget we cannot repair all defects, therefore we need to prioritise repairs and respond timeously to urgent and emergency situations which does unfortunately leave the more minor defects untreated for a period.’’