Angry mum claims school area has become ‘Grand Theft Auto Bishopbriggs: The School Run’

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A TERRIFIED mum claims she and her family were almost mown down by three cars on the pavement in Bishopbriggs.

The angry parent says the Hillside Drive is an accident waiting to happen when children are being picked up and dropped off.

She said: “The mum said: “We were nearly ran over by three cars mounting the pavement and driving straight towards us on Hillside Drive, Bishopbriggs.

“It’s like living in ‘Grand Theft Auto Bishopbriggs: The School Run’.”

Meanwhile, locals say motorists are parking on the pavements on Boghead Road, Lenzie – forcing pedestrians to gamble with their safety by walking on the street.

Residents fear there could be a serious accident if something is not done to tackle the problem.

It is believed the problem is being caused by drivers picking up youngsters from school.

One concerned resident claims they were forced to walk on the road with a twin pram and a youngster on a bike after the pavement was blocked by parked cars.

The resident said: “I was forced to walk in the middle of the road for the best part of the journey – along Boghead Road – with traffic coming at me from both directions.

“The kids were all screaming in terror and I was pushing the pram, carrying the bike and holding onto the four-year-old who was scared witless, all because of the inconsiderate people who take up the entire pavement with parked cars.

“I do realise you have to pick up kids from school, but spare a thought for the people with prams you are not leaving space for.”

Keith Scrimgeour, roads and neighbourhood services manager at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The council will look into claims of indiscriminate parking on Boghead Road and will consult with Strathclyde Police who can take action against drivers who cause an actual obstruction on a footway.”

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