Another fall in parking tickets

Just 57 parking tickets were issued by East Dunbartonshire Council’s team of community wardens in their third week on the streets.

It represents a 50 per cent drop from the week before, when 114 drivers were fined, and is a massive 70 per cent down on the first week when 180 tickets were slapped on windscreens.

The latest figures take in the Easter weekend, when the wardens weren’t on duty.

But some residents are now worried that the wardens - who also deal with littering, dog fouling, anti-social behaviour and smoking regulations - aren’t spending enough time in town centres.

One Herald reader said: “How they’ve only managed to issue that many tickets is beyond me.

“I was down in Kirkintilloch Town Centre a few days ago and there were about that amount illegally parked in just one visit.”

And others say that the wardens have made NO difference to law-breaking parkers.

On the Herald’s Facebook site Kenny Ball said: “It’s still chaos at Lenzie station on the double yellow lines and also parking on keep clear signs on Millersneuk Road.”

But Diane Campbell, the council’s director of governance and regulation, insisted that the message WAS being driven home.

She explained: “The aim was never to issue a certain target of fixed penalty notices, but to reduce inconsiderate and dangerous parking, and improve safety for all road users.

“Early indications suggest that the implementation of DPE has gone well and during the first three weeks - from April 2-22 April inclusive - a total of 351 tickets were issued.

“That is not the full story though - we have been pleased with corresponding changes in parking behaviour, with a noticeable reduction in inconsiderate and dangerous parking since DPE was introduced.

“There has been a focus on DPE since its launch and it will remain a priority, however, the wardens’ responsibilities also include community safety and environmental issues.

“Resources will be targeted where they are most needed and will be kept under review to ensure they are being used as efficiently and as appropriately as possible.”