Anxious family in plea for help to find missing moggies

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These two cute cats called Milo and Theo went missing from their home in Harlaw Gardens, Bishopbriggs, on Sunday and their owners are desperate to trace them.

They have put out an appeal through the local branch of the charity, Cats Protection, to help find the two brothers.

Milo is a brown tabby and Theo is a blue/grey tabby. Both cats are microchipped and were not wearing collars when they went missing.

The family says both of them enjoy going out exploring together but they never wander far and have always returned back home.

Cats Protection said on its Facebook page: “For both cats to disappear at the same time is very unusual and so out of character.

“If you stay near Harlaw Gardens, please have a look in your hut, garage or any outbuildings around your property just to make sure Milo and Theo have not taken up residence without you realising.

“Milo and Theo’s family are deeply upset at their disappearance and would love to have them back home safe and sound where they are very much missed.

If you recognise Milo or Theo or have any information with regards to their whereabouts please contact the Glasgow branch of Cats Protection on 0345 371 2722, email or send a private message on Facebook.