Are speeding drivers putting lives at risk?

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RECKLESS drivers have been accused of putting lives at risk on a busy road in Lennoxtown.

An urgent survey of speeding traffic on a busy road has now been called for.

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor Charles Kennedy says that vehicles regularly travel at speeds of 50-60mph on Station Road, in Lennoxtown.

The road, which has a speed limit of 30mph, has been used by increasing numbers of cars, buses and lorries, since the opening of the nearby Celtic training ground.

Councillor Kennedy said: “Residents who live in the area have expressed their increasing concerns to me regarding the speed of vehicles on this road.

“We have a large number of families in Station Court and the surrounding area.

“Children obviously use Station Road to get to and from our two schools, St Machan’s Primary and Lennoxtown Primary.

“There is a very real fear that vehicles are travelling at an inordinate speed on that particular stretch of road and that there is the distinct possibility of a fatality.”

Councillor Kennedy has taken the matter up with East Dunbartonshire Council and has suggested that traffic calming measures could be utilised - including new signage and speed bumps - to stop motorists speeding.

It’s a request that David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, says he will take on board.

He told the Herald: “Officers will carry out a traffic survey of Station Road, Lennoxtown, to determine what action needs to be taken.

““In addition, we visited the site on Thursday, May 3, and noticed the 30mph sign on the Lennoxtown side of the bridge needs to be replaced, which we will ensure is done as soon as possible.”

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