Bad parking, roadworks and school runs causing chaos on streets

Cars parked on pavements in Fern Avenue
Cars parked on pavements in Fern Avenue

Selfish motorists parking on pavements are turning residential streets into an assault course for fed-up families.

Householders living in Heath Avenue, Moncrieff Avenue, Hawthorne Avenue, Fern Avenue and Cedar Drive, in Lenzie, say their roads are constantly clogged up by commuters using the nearby train station.

Matters are made worse at peak times by parents dropping children off at nearby Lenzie Primary School.

It means that residents are forced to walk on the road as buggies and wheelchairs are unable to get past the multitude of cars parked on the pavements.

One elderly householder said: “These people seem to think that because there’s not enough room to park on the road they’ll be fine to park on the pavement - sometimes leaving just inches for people to get by.

“When you add the number of parents picking up and dropping off children at Lenzie Primary before and after school, along with the recent roadworks, it’s just a recipe for disaster.”

It’s hoped that the introduction of decriminalised parking enforcement (DPE)next year by East Dunbartonshire Council could spell the end for the selfish parkers.

It will see the council employ an army of traffic wardens to enforce traffic regulations.

There will be a public consultation early next year to ask residents where the problems are particularly bad, with the council promising to introduce stricter parking limits in problematic areas.

The council’s director of development and regeneration, Thomas Glen, said: “Through DPE we will target inconsiderate and dangerous parking where there are restrictions in place and the police will continue to deal with any offences where motorists block footways or residents’ driveways.

“The area around Lenzie railway station has already been identified as an area requiring additional parking restrictions.

“We will also be looking into introducing restrictions in other areas where inconsiderate and illegal parking as an issue.”

One Lenzie resident said: “It would be really good to finally see something being done about it, but any regulations would only be as good as the enforcement. I suppose it’s a case of wait and see.”