‘Bat report’ slates homes bid

Save our greenbelt
Save our greenbelt

Campaigners fighting a controversial homes scheme have produced a lengthy environmental report they claim will prove their case.

The group Milton of Campsie (MOC) Greenbelt Preservation Ltd argue their detailed independent report – commissioned for £810, raised by supporters – proves a move to build homes at Redmoss Farm is fatally flawed.

It goes into great detail about the habits of different species of bats on the site, along with much other detail.

The organisation’s secretary, Alan Harris, said: We take the view that this Report is a powerful condemnation of the EDC/ LUC survey that formed the basis of the council decision to identify Redmoss as a site for housing development.”

He argues the group’s “more comprehensive and professional survey” shows the rich biodiveristy of the Redmoss north area, scotching suggestions in the council -commissioned report that one part of the site is less “green” than the other.

However the council has defended the way it has handled the way the site has been evaluated.

Alan Bauer, corporate assets manager, said: “The council commissioned an ecological assessment to look at six sites, including Redmoss, as a result of high or moderate nature conservation interest at the sites and the need to mitigate the impacts of development on these sites should development be supported.

“Land Use Consultants were appointed to carry out the independent assessment and as a result of the findings the south site was removed from the Proposed Plan.

“The council considers that the assessments are robust but notes that they include requirements for additional survey work.”

This means further surveys would be needed to accompany any serious planning bid for the site And he pointed out that even without surveys the issue is not as cut and dried.

He said: “The Proposed Plan and the representations received from communities, developers and others are subject to examination by the Scottish Government – and therefore the Plan is subject to change before it is adopted as the Local Development Plan for East Dunbartonshire.”