Bat’s another delay over controversial homes

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A LONG-awaited decision on a controversial housing development has been postponed ... for the THIRD time.

Dawn Homes want to build 30 semi-detatched and detached houses on land at Campsie View, in Kirkintilloch, but local residents have been up in arms at the plans – with more than 20 letters of objection sent to East Dunbartonshire Council’s planning board.

They are concerned that the development could block a right of way, would have a major impact on wildlife in the area and would encroach on the Antonine Wall World Heritage Site.

Previous planning board meetings have continued the matter to organise a site visit and collect more information about the ecological impact.

At the latest meeting last Tuesday, members were once more unable to come to a decision – this time because of the possibility of bats roosting on the site.

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor Charles Kennedy said: “Councillor David Ritchie and myself had raised the issue of whether a bat survey had been carried out. It had not been and is something I understand is required by law.

“We clearly need to make a decision on this, but will need to wait to get a response to this technical issue first.”

Councillor Kennedy added that any residents worried about the results of a toxins survey could access a copy of the report by visiting the council’s planning department.

Councillor Gordan Low, planning convener, said: “At its meeting of June 28 the board agreed to continue the application from Dawn Homes at Campsie View. The developer had previously submitted the required ecological surveys requested by the council’s planning and greenspace services and elected members, however, members of the board wished further confirmation that all the necessary ecological surveys required had been completed in line with protected species legislation.”