Battle begins for East Dunbartonshire seat

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The contest for East dunbartonshire is gearing up to be one of themost exciting in the General Election.

The SNP’s John Nicolson will face Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson again on June 8 after he ousted her in 2015.

It was a narrow victory with a majority of 2,167 and Ms Swinson, who was UK Business minister in the Conservative/LibDem coalition, announced she will stand again in the hope of recapturing the seat.

Mr Nicolson, a former BBC journalist, has been one of the SNP’s most high-profile MPs over the past two years.

The battle between the two is set to be one of the most intriguing in Scotland.

After confirming last week on Twitter that she would stand, Ms Swinson said: “I’m passionate about keeping Scotland in the UK, and averting the disaster of the Tories’ hard Brexit.

“Most people in East Dunbartonshire agree — 61 per cent voted to stay in the UK and 71 per cent voted to remain in the EU. They deserve a pro-UK, pro-EU MP.

“The result last time makes it absolutely clear: this is a fight between the SNP and the Liberal Democrats, and one I fully intend to win.”

Mr Nicolson said on Monday that voters “living with the results of LibDem policies in Government know they can’t trust the LibDems”.

He added: “Scotland needs a strong effective voice at Westminster as never before.

“With a huge majority the Tories will run rampant. But the SNP will hold them to account, challenging them at every turn and defending Scotland’s interests.

“The choice in East Dunbartonshire is clear. Everyone knows it’s the SNP the Tories fear most. Labour cannot win the General Election. And voters living with the results of LibDem policies in Government such as Royal Mail privatisation know they can’t trust the LibDems. We all remember LibDems voted through the bedroom tax, tuition fees and 20 per cent VAT. No one wants them back in power.

“I look forward to a passionately fought and vigorous campaign here in East Dunbartonshire”.

No other candidates had come forward yet to put their hats in the ring as the Herald went to press on Monday.