Be the voice of the younger generation

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If you are keen to make a difference to your local community and aged 14 to 25, now is your chance to stand for the upcoming Scottish Youth Parliament elections.

Elections are held every two years and the next ones will be March 2017. The deadline for nominations is October 31.

Council Leader Rhondda Geekie is encouraging young people in East Dunbartonshire to get involved.

She said: “The Scottish Youth Parliament was established in 1999 and since then it has given young people a voice to campaign decision makers to effect change. It is an excellent opportunity for young people to become involved in a variety of exciting and educational activities and I would encourage anyone who is passionate about making a difference in their community to put themselves forward for this fantastic experience.”

Recently, the Scottish Youth Parliament has been campaigning to raise awareness of children and young people’s mental health, built on the success of the Votes at 16 campaign, and campaigned for 16 and 17 year olds to have the vote in all elections and referenda in the UK.

Councillor Geekie, added, “If you decide that you would like to stand as a candidate in the elections you will have access to training on campaigning and electioneering, including how to develop a manifesto. By becoming a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament you will develop new skills, take part in an excellent and nationally recognised volunteering opportunity and meet lots of people around the country who share a common passion for standing up for what young people believe in.”

To register an interest in participating as a candidate or to find out more about the Scottish Youth Parliament visit All registrations must be completed online by 5pm on Monday 31 October.