Bearsden car park ticket machine is ‘out of order’

Bearsden car park, ticket machine is out of order
Bearsden car park, ticket machine is out of order

Angry motorists didn’t know what to do today (Monday, October 3) when they discovered that the ticket machine in Bearsden Roman Road’s car park wasn’t working.

A queue of bemused people were left wondering what to do when they saw that the machine had a ‘network problem’ and they would be unable to get a ticket to display on their car.

Some of the customers were too worried to leave their car without a ticket in case they faced a fine.

A local resident said: “People were really confused and it’s ridiculous that there’s only one ticket machine.

“There are three machines in the car park in Milngavie.

“There’s always a queue of people at the ticket machine in Bearsden.

“It’s very frustrating if you are in a rush to get to work or pick up a child from nursery or school.

“The council should install another machine.”

Charges were introduced in some East Dunbartonshire Council owned car parks from July 4 - if they stay for more than two hours.

The charges were introduced to help pay for Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) locally.

The Scottish Government requires that the DPE scheme be self-financing.

Enforcement fines are not enough to cover costs and - as a result - the council needed to charge for some council-owned parking spaces in town centres.

The council hopes this scheme will also help to support town centre businesses by encouraging turnover and freeing up spaces for shoppers.