Best friends team up in battle against cancer

Linda Thirwell and Joy Wilson.
Linda Thirwell and Joy Wilson.

Two lifelong pals who have both survived cancer are organising a fundraising day for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Linda Thirlwell (52) and Joy Wilson (53), both from Milngavie, are holding a coffee morning and disco at Ellangowan Social Club in the precinct on Saturday, October 24.

The ladies, who became friends when they were pupils at Douglas Academy, have both recently come through cancer treatment and wanted to give something back after receiving such excellent treatment.

Linda was diagnosed with kidney cancer two years ago.

After having a kidney removed a scan showed that she was free of the cancer, but one year later it had spread to her glands.

After more surgery to remove her glands Linda went on a course of steroid treatment, which she will need for the rest of her life.

She said: “The steroids had terrible side effects including weight gain and severe depression.

“They reduced the dose to the minimum amount and I feel a bit better now.”

However, Linda became seriously ill last year when she got an infection and her body went into shutdown.

Luckily she was admitted into hospital just in time and recovered quickly but doctors warned her that had she left it any longer she would have gone into a coma.

Linda said: “I thought I just had a common cold but my body had gone into Addisonian crisis which is life threatening.

“However, after I was given a course of antibiotics and fluids in hospital I was allowed to go home after just four days.

“I’m still in the high risk category, which means that the chances of the cancer returning are extremely high.”

Linda has a scan every six months to check the cancer has not returned.

Joy was diagnosed with bowel cancer in December last year and she has undergone two operations, one minor and one major one, and a six month course of chemotherapy.

Amazingly treatment has progressed so far in recent years that some of her chemotherapy could be done at home, and it was successful.

Linda added: “Our eyes were opened by the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes with cancer patients.

“Macmillan provides amazing support for people, they are always at the end of the phone when you need them.”

The coffee morning is 11am -1pm and disco is 7.30pm til late. To buy a ticket call 07947509483.