Beware of phone scam in East Dunbartonshire

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CRIMINALS are targeting people via their phones in East Dunbartonshire.

A company claiming to be called ‘UK Banking’ are behind the con - cold-calling households and offering fake refunds for Payment Protection Insurance.

They are believed to trick their victims into calling premium rate telephone numbers via a text message sent to a mobile phone.

Recipients who say they do not have a mobile phone are asked to collect money via a Western Union bank transfer, but the cash never materialises.

Community Safety Constable Siobhan McCandlish said: “To date we are unaware of anyone being caught out with the scam and losing money, but we strongly suggest that you do not provide any personal or bank details to anyone over the phone.

“Caller ID can be helpful so that you can choose to refuse calls at home as you can see who is calling without answering.

“Never contact premium rate numbers given during a telephone marketing call.

“Do not entertain these calls - if need be, hang up.

“Genuine companies will not ask you to provide any of these details over the phone.”