Bid to boost recycling gives food for thought

Communal bins
Communal bins

Businesses and flat owners in East Dunbartonshire are next to be targeted in the drive to up recycling rates and meet tough government targets.

A new recycling regime was rolled out to houses early last year - with a series of new bins, waste caddies and uplift schedules introduced to make the system more environmentally friendly.

It was part of a drive by the council to recycle 60 per cent of all waste or face financial penalties under the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Scotland Regulations.

The system was also expected to save the council roughly £500,000 a year.

Now shops and businesses are going to be asked to do their bit to help hit the target and council officers have been visiting their commercial customers to explain how it will work.

The new system will be introduced in the coming months.

A council spokesperson said: “East Dunbartonshire Council is helping its business customers comply with the new waste regulations, which require them to segregate recyclable materials, including metal, plastic, paper, card and glass.

“Food businesses in urban areas, producing more than 50kg per week of food waste, will also have to implement food recycling schemes using dedicated waste bins.

“The council has been visiting its business customers to explain how it can assist them in meeting these new regulations, which will lead to a reduction in waste going to landfill sites and in turn meet the Scottish Government’s challenging waste targets.

“These expect householders to recycle 60 per cent of their waste by 2020.

Meanwhile, the council is preparing to offer food recycling to those living in flat - which is now a legal requirement.

Currently, all food waste from flatted properties goes into landfill. Once again, the new system is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks and months.

The spokesperson explained: “The council is progressing well with its plan to offer food waste recycling to its residents in flatted properties, with all homes in Lenzie, Lennoxtown and Bishopbriggs visited so far.”