Bishopbriggs burn pollution fears

Donald Macdonald is pictured at the burn
Donald Macdonald is pictured at the burn

Bishopbriggs residents are kicking up a stink over a foul smell from a burn that runs through a children’s playpark.

Concerns over pollution were raised at a recent meeting of Bishopriggs Community Council.

Residents near Bishopbriggs Park are now writing to Scottish Water demanding reassurance that the area is safe for their children to play.

Community council vice-chairman Donald Macdonald said: “People are concerned about sewage being released into the burn.

“The stream runs down from neighbouring golf clubs through the playpark area and there is a foul smell from it.

“It’s worrying as the children play so near to it.

“We want to know the source of the smell and we want reassurance from Scottish Water over any pollution problems in the area.”

Residents also wrote to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) for advice.

Donald said: “They sent us advice and information and attached photographic examples of sewage fungus.

“We were told if we see anything resembling it in the burn to contact SEPA immediately.”

A spokeswoman for SEPA said: “Sewage fungus is usually grey-brown in colour and will look almost fluffy under the water.

“Its presence indicates a high level of nutrients associated with various pollutants such as raw sewage or silage if in a rural area.

“There may also be an obvious odour from the watercourse, and sometimes there are obvious solids and rags present.

A spokesman for Scottish Water said: “If we receive a complaint, we will investigate the matter to establish if there is an issue with any of our apparatus in the area and if so, take appropriate action.”