Bishopbriggs pals tune in for TV success


Two budding film-makers are hoping to land a television deal after dreaming up a comedy drama set in and around Glasgow.

Stephen Arthur and George Stewart, who are both from Bishopbriggs, teamed up with director Graeme Watt of 8 Acre Films to make a pilot episode of ‘Weegies’.

The story follows the lives of Steve and George - two wannabe actors who are stuggling to find work after drama school.

The taster episode, called ‘Glasgow For It’, recently premiered at the ABC venue in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street and is soon to hit screens online.

It follows the pair as they discuss whether London or Glasgow would be a better place to find fame.

And don’t be surprised if some if it feels familiar - as some of the action was filmed on location in Bishopbriggs.

The Glasgow School of Art graduates, who have known each other since the age of 15, used their own lives as inspiration, having both suffered spells of unemployment since leaving full time education.

Stephen explained: “If no one else would hire us we thought why not create our own work.”

They discussed the idea of writing, acting in and producing their own show and the result was ‘Weegies’, which they intended would deal with serious issues but in a humorous way.

The pair also say that the show was born out of a love for the process of writing and performing, as well as comedy shows such as the BBC’s Still Game.

Already some top television names have started to take notice.

Scottish comedy heroes like Limmy, Ford Keirnan, Robin Galloway, Sanjeev Kohli and Iain Connell have all given it the thumbs up.

They are not alone, with over 3,000 people having checked out the first promotional video on YouTube.

Now there’s a hope that a television company might snap up the series, allowing the duo to continue telling the story of their alter egoes.

In the meantime they are busy launching #WeegiesWednesdays which will see different short videos of around four minutes launched every Wednesday on Facebook.

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