Bishopbriggs psychotherapist’s new book on key to keeping the weight off

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Bishopbriggs author Heather Campbell has put her training in cognitive behavioural therapy to good use by turning the techniques on herself to not only lose weight, but to keep it off long term.

And with Book Week Scotland coming up from November 21 to 27, Heather - a trained psychotherapist - has written her first book about her experience of weight loss and how to keep it off called, Keep It Off: The Key to Lasting Weight Loss.

As part of the Book Festival Heather will be attending the Indie Authors Marketplace Event in Bishopbriggs Library on Saturday November 26, from 11am-3pm, hosted by East Dunbartonshire Libraries.

She said: “This is a concise, accessible book that can help people change their mind-set, leading to a lasting impact on their eating habits.

“This is not a healthy eating plan, but a deeper shift in how we think about eating. It provides a useful toolkit of techniques tackling the mind-set behind overcoming the hurdles we all face when trying to lose weight.”

This is something she says traditional diets fail to do. Heather was unhappy with her weight and not a fan of dieting and decided to try another way to shed two and a half stone.

She added: “This in itself is not uncommon – many people lose weight using various methods, what is more unusual is that six years on I’ve managed to keep the weight off and I’m keen to help other people do the same.

Losing weight is the easy bit; keeping it off over the long term is where most traditional diets fall down. Many weight loss plans sell due to the sensationalism of the achievements in the first few weeks, but few advertise the disappointment when the weight creeps back on again over time or explain what to do when people go off track due to a life event such as holidays, Christmas, relationship breakdowns, work stress, etc.”

Heather has run several weight loss groups in Glasgow and delivers an educational workshop at Glasgow University annually to teach people about the techniques that work to maintain weight loss over the long term.

As everybody is aware, obesity is a huge and growing problem in Scotland and with Book Week just around the corner Heather felt it was a good opportunity to let people know there is another way to break the disheartening cycle of yo-yo dieting and erratic weight loss.

One Amazon reviewer said: “In my view this is the way forward for lifelong change.”

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