Blundering thief prangs car

A would-be car thief made a bit of a blunder when he tried to pinch a vehicle in Bishopbriggs.

He accidentally reversed the motor into the owner’s garden wall before panicking and running off.

Police said residents at Mailing Avenue were rudely awakened around midnight on Thursday by a loud crunching sound.

They looked outside and discovered their Hyundai i30 had been damaged. Its reverse lights were still on, the keys were in the ignition and its engine was running.

A police spokesman said: “It really was Keystone Cops stuff.

“Usually, thieves target high-end expensive cars in this type of crime, but not in this case.”

He added “It’s unclear whether the car keys were dropped in the driveway by the owner or if they were stolen from the house as a result of a ‘fishing’ expedition by the thief.”

The officer is urging drivers to take extra care when locking up their cars and homes.

He said: “Do not leave car keys near front or back window where thieves can easily see them and reach through letter boxes to steal them.”

A common tactic for thieves is to take keys off hall tables or from key racks near the door, simply by ‘fishing’ for them with a pole through the letterbox.