Bogus workmen warning - two people conned out of £100k

Don't be conned by bogus workmen
Don't be conned by bogus workmen

Residents are being warned to be vigilant after two people were conned into paying a hundred thousand pounds to bogus workmen.

Officers and East Dunbartonshire Council’s Trading Standards are currently investigating a case which involves a resident in Bearsden who handed over £100,000 for work to be done at their house, however the work was carried out to a very poor standard.

The same thing happened to a resident in Lenzie in January last year, they also paid £100,000 for work that was not carried out properly.

There have also been several other incidents in the last few months in East Dunbartonshire of people being conned out of cash for work that either wasn’t carried out at all or done to a poor standard, for example hedge or grass cutting.

Detective Constable Stephen Cook, said: “This is an ongoing problem and we just want to warn people to be careful when someone comes to their home and offers to carry out work for them.

“Don’t just agree to the work immediately, tell them you will think about it and get several other quotes. “Often the work is not even required or it’s not carried out to an acceptable standard and obviously we want to prevent anyone else being conned.

“Another common con is to offer chips for a driveway for excessive amounts of money, so just be aware of this.”

East Dunbartonshire Council’s Trading Standards Team gave the following tips to householders considering getting someone to carry out work on their home:

Check to ensure they are members of a trade association.

Check if the trader has insurance covering any damage to your property and neighbouring properties.

Make sure you get the full details of the trader including name and address as without this you will find it difficult to take legal action in the event of a dispute.

Do not feel pressurised into getting work done. These people are not your friends and are being paid for being there. If you are feeling intimidated or pressurised please call Trading Standards.

Do not accept any offer from the trader to give you a lift to the bank to withdraw money in order to pay cash for work that has carried been carried out.

If you are satisfied that the workers are legitimate and do get work done, ensure that you get a receipt for any payment made and keep all documents relating to the work.

When contracting with a trader in your home for a value over £43, you have a 14 day cooling off period in which you can cancel the contract. The trader should give you paperwork detailing this.

If you have any doubts about anyone working at your home contact East Dunbartonshire Council Trading Standards on 0300 123 4510 or the Police for further assistance.

Council Leader, Rhondda Geekie added: “Sadly we are all too aware of instances like those described here. Reputable traders will expect you to be thorough and ask certain questions so will be able to provide answers. Rogue traders will not and may be evasive and perhaps begin to badger you. Please follow the advice from Trading Standards to avoid being targeted by bogus workers.”