Book Day was fun for Turnbull pupils

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Pupils at Bishopbriggs’ Turnbull High School enjoyed an action-packed World Book Day anniversary, with a whole week of literary activities.

S1 English pupils took part in the World Book Day Big Bumper Book Quiz, with questions covering a variety of genres and looking at children’s books from across the years .

Aidan Tierney of 1HT was the overall winner (gaining a £20 book token) after scoring an impressive 30 out of 30.

The Science department provided copies of child friendly Science magazine ‘FOCUS’ for

pupils to read, while the S3 biologists wrote their own creative stories surrounding ‘Pete the Plasmid’ and his magical transformation.

The Maths department combined literacy and numeracy with books from the ‘Murderous Maths’ series, while in Modern Languages the pupils put their French skills to the test by writing a foreign language book review.

In Geography pupils followed up a project on India with a look at the novel ‘The Life of Pi’ , and in ICT pupils considered the effect that media and digital technology has had on printing and books.

Turnbull’s own resident author and Principal Teacher of RE, Mr Hughes, also joined in the events, speaking to pupils about the process of writing and getting published.

They were keen to learn about the inspiration for his books on Scotland and the war, and fascinated by the many stories he had uncovered while researching his books.

To round off the week S1 pupils took part in a ‘Big Book Swap’ organised by the English department.