Boy racer path is ‘death waiting to happen’

An anxious mum is worried a child will be killed on a cemetery path being used by speeding boy racers.

Now she is calling for gates to be re-installed on the driveway to the new Campsie cemetery, to prevent a tragedy.

It comes alongside claims that the graveyard, and the nearby older cemetery, are neglected, with patches of overgrown grass, bushes and even some rubble near graves, according to locals.

The Lennoxtown mum, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s a death waiting to happen.”

She says gates on the access path – which runs near a school and a play park – were removed up to two years ago, and boy racers are using the route at up to 50mph.

“In an ideal world I want the gates put back up. I know they need access for funerals, but they are not happening 24 hours a day.

“It’s a such a danger, I am scared to let my kids down there to play. Motorists are driving like maniacs. They are driving very, very fast, and it is right in the middle of a swing park.”

She added that both cemeteries are not getting the attention they deserve.

“The old cemetery is disgusting, it is being neglected by the council.”

Meanwhile, reader John Currie contacted the Herald after attending a funeral in the village.

He said: “I was at a burial yesterday and I was appalled at the state the cemetery was in.”

Davie Cullen, local neighbourhood services manager: “We are sorry to hear that some people are unhappy with the condition of our cemeteries. The photograph shows some excess from the back filling of graves in the monumental borders. We apologise - this should not have happened and staff will be instructed not to do this in future.

“There are no gates to access the new High Park part of the cemetery, these gates were removed as access to the cemetery is through High Park. This entrance also allows access to the park and playing fields. Vehicle access may be needed for emergency vehicles if someone suffered an injury while playing football.

“We also need to consider the needs of elderly and disabled people who visit the cemetery, and may not be able to walk the distance if they had to leave their vehicles outside the park. Also there would be parking issues, as Lennoxtown Primary school is also on the same road.

“The driveway to the new cemetery within the park has chicanes installed, which are intended to deter speeding. It would not be possible to install speed bumps as this access road is used by funeral corteges.”