Brakes being put on speeding drivers during crackdown

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SPEEDING and inconsiderate drivers will be on the radar of local police officers during a day of action.

In particular, motorists have been warned to drive and park safely around local schools in East Dunbartonshire.

It follows a number of articles in the Herald highlighting road safety concerns around schools.

Police in East Dunbartonshire will be actively out and about this Wednesday.

The aim is to raise public awareness of the dangers and risks associated with speeding and to detect and deter road traffic crimes. Officers are keen to educate the public on road safety in an effort to keep people safe.

East Dunbartonshire has a network of main and rural roads. Surveys reveal that 70 per cent of motoring deaths happen on rural roads, while research has also shown you are four times more likely to crash if you are driving whilst using a handheld mobile phone.

Chief Inspector Roddy Irvine said: “People within East Dunbartonshire tell us that road safety continues to be a priority for them, especially around schools.

“This day of action will assist our ongoing efforts to keep people safe on East Dunbartonshire’s roads.

“If people are going for a night-out where they might have a drink then I would urge them to plan ahead and leave the car at home. Drivers should be aware of road conditions, be aware of their speed, then drive within speed limits and as conditions dictate.”

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