Brave teenager tells of his battle with cancer

Robbie Bullock
Robbie Bullock
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A courageous teenager who battled cancer has shared his story with hundreds of people after writing an emotional account on Facebook.

Robbie Bullock was only eight-years old when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The 14-year-old decided to post his story on the social network site after hearing that a fellow pupil’s grandad was going through radiotherapy.

Robbie’s moving story has attracted many comments with some even saying they have been reduced to tears.

The teenager and his family were given the devastating news in February 2008 that the cancer was in Robbie’s neck, chest, stomach and spleen.

Robbie’s little brother Darrell was only 12-weeks-old at the time.

Robbie’s piece recalls how the family coped with the disease.

He wrote: “To make things worse my hair was falling out so I got my stepmum to come up to the hospital to shave it all off.

“My family found this really hard to deal with - my mum, dad, stepmum, gran and papa where all in the room when I got my head shaved.

“My mum found this really hard to deal with but made a joke that I looked like a footballer. I think at this point this is when I looked like a cancer patient.”

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