Breath of fresh air at last ... we hope!

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THE wind of change is on the way to a village which has suffered eight years of fouls smells.

Gartcosh has suffered from nasty odours for years. It’s believed the problem has stemmed from a sewage pumping station.

However, this week it was revealed that Scottish Water is preparing to formally ‘adopt’ the Redrow pumping station.

A spokesperson for the water authority said: “This station currently has outstanding works due to be completed in early 2012.

“This consists of some snagging works which will be carried out by an approved contractor of Scottish Water.

“We were aware of an incident with the performance of the pumping station approximately three weeks ago, which was quickly rectified. We are not aware of any reported odour issues recently.

“This pumping station was designed to comply with outdated regulations.”

“Any new development has to comply with our guidance document Sewers for Scotland (2nd edition). New developments are approved by our customer connections team and inspected by Scottish Water’s quality control advisers to ensure the work is of a standard for us to adopt.”

A spokesperson for Gartcosh Community Council said: “This has been affecting the whole village and we hope the adoption will be an end to the problem.”