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Broken glass warning

AS a resident of Lennoxtown, I regularly walk my dog around the village and its vicinity.

On Thursday, April 12, I was playing ball with my dog on the Campsie Black Watch football ground when I noticed he was in pain.

On closer examination, I found that he had sliced the top off the large pad on his rear left paw and blood was pouring out.

After an emergency visit to the vet, where he required the wound to be cauterised and stitched, nearly one week later his paw is now infected and he is a poor soul indeed.

It is likely to be some time before the paw heals and he is fully recovered.

I could not find the source of his injury, but it is very likely to have been caused by a shard of glass or some other sharp object buried in the pitch itself. The areas near the pitch on the old railway line are covered with broken glass, especially under the bridge at the top of Station Road.

As a dog walker, and mother of two children, I am very concerned about the state of this pitch and of the old railway line in general.

I read with interest the interview with Gerry Marley published in the Kirkintilloch Herald recently.

I also feel it is important that the drainage of the pitch is sorted out quickly so that Campsie Black Watch under-21’s can use the pitch again, but I am also concerned that young children and adults could also suffer injuries on this pitch due to shards of glass hidden under the surface.

I regularly see young children playing football on the pitch. It is the lack of thought by some people that has resulted in my poor dog being so badly injured. I would not wish this to happen to anyone else’s child or dog, or to any adult for that matter.

G Stabler,


Voting system is ‘as clear as mud’

HAVING read last week’s letter ‘Countdown to election’ everything is now as clear as mud.

Although we recently had a national referendum on proportional voting, which was well and truly defeated, I can’t remember a referendum on the single transferable vote for local elections.

I challenge anyone, including those in local government, to explain to their neighbour, or the person sitting next to them, exactly how this voting system works and the consequences of voting in various ways.

Better still, go along to your local councillor’s surgery and ask them the same question along with why it was adopted in the first place.

A. McMillan,


(via e-mail)

Workers’ Memorial Day

AS convenor of the GMB I would like to thank, on behalf of the branch, East Dunbartonshire Council for acknowledging the Workers’ Memorial Day to be held on April 28 by flying flags at half-mast at municipal buildings as a mark of respect for all who have been fatally injured whilst at work.

We would especially like to thank Councillor Stewart MacDonald for all his effort in making this happen.

Gerry Mallon,

GMB Convenor.

Our record is ‘excellent’

REGARDING your article in last week’s herald about the LOL 71 parade in Bishopbriggs, I would like to inform you and your readers that the article had false statements, your informant is wrong.

This lodge has been in Bishopbriggs since 1984 and has been parading every year since then.

There has never ever been any battles in the past, nor has there ever been one arrest or fight, or even a caution by the police at any of our parades, or at our social functions in the memorial hall in the past 28 years.

We have an excellent record of our behaviour and conduct.

The residents of Bishopbriggs have a right to object to our parade if they wish to do so, as we also have a human right to parade and celebrate our Orange culture.

Ian Kennedy

(via e-mail)

Blue badge charge row

WHAT next? Where is the care and concern to support the disabled in this decision taken by our council members?

I have attended many meetings and listened to the polished words from councillors who take part in so called consultative gatherings which are arranged to enable the right decisions to be made for our benefit. Who do they think they are fooling? Why spend £20K on revamping the Kelvinbridge roundabout, which was totally unnecessary?

Why charge £20 per blue badge which disabled folks need?

Will the councillors who voted for charging the disabled for their blue badges stand up and be counted? I await their responses.

Jennifer R. Campbell

(via e-mail)

Cycling on canal path

I HAVE just read Cycling On Canal Path by A. Shaw (Herald letters, April 18)

You stated that no matter how slow you travel by cycle some walkers will be annoyed, particularly when approaching them from behind.

Whether you gently ring your bell or say excuse me a dozen times wouldn’t make any difference to me.

I am deaf, so wouldn’t hear you coming from behind and that is why I hate walking the canal walkway on my own.

I can’t hear you coming and if you get annoyed don’t you think it maybe because you have startled or frightened the person because they cannot hear you coming. Some of us genuinely don’t deliberately try to spoil your enjoyment

I personally find cyclists travel too fast when approaching people walking on canal path and it scares me.

So just a thought for the next time you are on the canal path - if they don’t turn round when you ring your bell or say excuse me, think maybe they can’t hear me. Then maybe get off your bike and pass them. That way you don’t startle or frighten them.

I. Fyfe,


Not surprised

EAST Dunbartonshire Council through Grace Irvine’s reply to Campsie Black Watch’s request for the immediate need to completely overhaul the pitch at Station Road after a long, agonising wait for 27 years was not surprising. (Herald, April 4)

This council has completely neglected Lennoxtown since it changed over from Strathkelvin Council many years ago. It shows the attitude of the councillors when there is no money allotted to the Capital Programme at present, this must be a stock answer as far as sport is concerned.

Gerry Marley,

Club Secretary, Campsie Black Watch Football Club.

Concerns raised for town’s library

THE William Patrick Library is a bequest to the people of the town and also is meant to fulfill the statutory requirements of a library service to the community it serves.

When can the public see the plans for the Hub which is to be created there? Is there information available re the change to available floor space, amount of shelving, and book stock, both for adults and children? What effect will this have on events? Will the proposed changes compromise the terms of the bequest or infringe on the minimum requirements for library provision to the community given that the mobile service was withdrawn leaving surrounding villages without a library service?

What library provision is to be offered while William Patrick Library is shut while its function is being radically altered?

Theresa Breslin

(Via e-mail)

Parade articles

I AM concerned that the paper’s articles reporting about Bishopbriggs Reformation Memorial LOL 71 parade on the 12 May are views from individuals who first of all do not seem to recognise the fact that any rate paying residents of Bishopbriggs can let the Memorial Hall.

Furthermore, this Lodge lays wreaths three times a year at the War Memorial. Any member of the public can respect those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I doubt that any of the people whose views you are printing attend the ceremony on Remembrance Sunday at the War Memorial.

David Purves

(via e-mail)

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