Rural residents campaign for faster broadband

Broadband fibreoptic.
Broadband fibreoptic.

Residents from Bardowie, Balmore, Barnellan and some parts of Torrance are getting frustrated with painfully slow broadband speeds.

Bardowie-based David Blacoe is taking up the issue on behalf of himself and fellow residents who are affected.

Service provider BT Openreach currently has no immediate plans to provide fibre broadband to the affected area which is served by an exchange in Balmore providing broadband to around one hundred properties.

Most of these homes have broadband speeds of less than 2megabits per second (Mbps) compared with around 60-150Mbps in Milngavie or Bearsden.

BT Openreach says residents in the affected properties could benefit from a Community Fibre Partnership which could bring the cost of upgrading to higher broadband speed down to as little as £131 per household.

Mr Blacoe is now urging property owners to contribute £100 by October 21 to take advantage of this offer and get the upgrading work started, which it estimates will take 10-12 months and is likely to cost about £13k.

Mr Blacoe said: “We are setting up Community Fibre Partnership facilitated by the recently-formed Baldernock Community Development Trust (BCDT).

“If anyone in the Bardowie, Balmore, Barnellan and Torrance areas would like to know if their property qualifies and would like to be part of this partnership, please get in touch with me.”

Fellow resident Jan Patience said: “The broadband speed is woeful in this area. I work from home, as do many fellow residents, and if more than two people are using the internet at once then it grinds to a halt, especially if, like is, you have teenage kids living in the property!

“There is also an issue with aluminium-clad cables which means that when there is particularly wet weather then broadband service dips even lower.

“If enough people come forward then the cost of upgrading could be reduced to zero, which would be a fantastic boost to everyone affected.”

A meeting is going to be held on Wednesday, October 12 in Baldernock Church Hall, Balmore, for residents to find out more.

Contact David Blacoe on for more information.