Cafe staff hit by invalid parking tickets for second time

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RED-faced coppers have cancelled parking tickets which were slapped on Kirkintilloch workers . . . for the second time.

Angry staff at D’Nisi Coffee Company, on Kirkintilloch’s Cowgate, were fined for parking on a single yellow line, in Broadcroft, despite being previously told it carried no restrictions.

The same situation arose last year and police later admitted they got it wrong as the single yellow line has to be accompanied by a sign indicating the restrictions.

However, history has repeated itself.

Tracey Ward, who works in D’Nisi, said: “There is a sign on Cowgate, but there’s never been one in Broadcroft.

“We were told last year that the sign has to be on the road that the restriction is for in order for it to be legal.

“The former traffic warden was fine about us parking there.

“We’re very restricted in where to park in the town centre as it is.”

When the Herald contacted Kirkintilloch Police Office, Inspector John O’Neill confirmed that the tickets would be cancelled, but that they will be asking for a sign to be put up.

He said: “There is no change on our previous stance. Legally the tickets are not valid and will be cancelled.

“Having looked at the geography of the site we feel that the vehicles are parked in a manner likely to cause an obstruction and we will be pursuing the council to back up the lines with a plate.”

Carolyn Keith, manager at D’Nisi, is pictured above.

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