Call to action to help improve Kirkintilloch for all

Residents are being asked to respond to a 'call to action' to make Kirkintilloch a better place.

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 9:15 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 9:18 am
Kirkintillochs shared space has been criticised for being unsafe, particularly for disabled and blind people

Kirkintilloch Community Council is holding a public meeting called a “Citizens Assembly” at the town hall on Thursday, November 8, at 7pm.

Gordon Carmichael, chair of the community council, and local volunteers have been distributing leaflets in the area urging people to attend.

He said: “In 2017, Kirkintilloch Community Council (Your Kirky), were afforded the opportunity to seek the views and opinions of the townsfolk of this proud town.

“Through the early months of this year, we endeavoured to speak with as many members of our community as possible.

“Over 1500 responses were received. This was a remarkable achievement and the initial outcomes, collated in five key themes, were reported back by means of feedback sessions.

“Some ideas were developed and a booklet was then circulated to every household in Kirkintilloch.

“Further events in the summer led to the development of a ‘Community Action Plan’ and this has since also been distributed to every home.

“The people who live, work and visit Kirkintilloch were asked and Your Kirky listened. It was clear there is a real passion for the heritage and environment of the town, as well as a genuine concern the town continues to look after the well-being of our citizens. Kirkintilloch strives to be a place where people can feel safe, where residents value their heritage, where children and families can enjoy the environment. A town where local businesses are supported and in return businesses support our local community.

“Yes, this is a call to action! Please don’t sit back and wait for others to do this for you. For it might well never happen. Or at least not in the way you want. Consider giving whatever energy or skills you might have. Use your initiative to contribute to the collective impact our community deserves.

“Join us at the Citizens Assembly in the refurbished town hall at 7pm Thursday, November 8.”