Call for cameras to tackle anti-social concerns

Edinburgh spent the most on CCTV in Scotland
Edinburgh spent the most on CCTV in Scotland

DEMANDS have been made for CCTV cameras and improvements in a Bishopbriggs community.

Residents and councillors are working together to help make Auchinairn a better place to live and work.

They want to see CCTV introduced to give people a sense of security in the area and improvements made around the Scotmid store.

Setting up a forum for local businesses and representatives is also on the agenda.

Bishopbriggs South councillor Alan Moir said: “Talking to people in Auchinairn, one of the things that comes up on a regular basis is CCTV. It would bring an added sense of security to the area. We would like to see the creation of a forum for local businesses and representatives to discuss the general well-being of the area and to see what steps are needed to promote Auchinairn.

“It’s a busy location with all the small businesses and services doing well.”

Local councillor Michael O’Donnell said: “I understand and agree with the growing call from locals to have CCTV introduced.

“Whilst there is the well documented issue of financial pressures, I do think it is time for all partners concerned to respond to this justified request.”

Locals also want to see improvements made next to the Scotmid store. John Semple, a member of Bishopbriggs Community Council, said: “There are long standing irritations which require attention, including missing or damaged fencing bordering Littlehill Golf Course and the Scotmid car park, the litter, the dilapidated condition of the small wall beside the pavement and the damaged frame at the entrance to the car park.”

A Scotmid spokesperson said: “We took over the store from Spar last year and have already removed a broken fence from the car park and appointed a contractor to fill potholes. We are more than happy to look at any further concerns the council may have.”

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