Call for clamp down on workers parking in Kirkintilloch street

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CONCERNED residents fear there could be an accident because workers are turning their street into a car park.

They believe East Dunbartonshire Council workers are parking in Southbank Drive, Kirkintilloch, because there’s a lack of parking at the local authority’s new headquarters in Southbank Marina.

Resident Stuart Angus (37) said: “It’s a nightmare and is going to manifest into something serious.

“Cars are parking right up to our gate and we can’t see when we are driving out. We have to drive into the middle of the road.

“A lot of elderly people live here. When they are trying to get across the road they’re taking their life in their hands. There are council workers coming and going all day. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Mr Angus contacted the council roads departments and claims that they said it would take a year to paint yellow lines on the road.

He added: “The council has caused this and not put any thought into the knock-on effect.

“I spoke to the police, but because there’s no double yellow lines they are not breaking any law.”

The council’s director of development and infrastructure, Derek Cunningham, said: “The council recognises the concerns of the local community and the wider issues of parking across the area are being reviewed.

“To reduce parking pressures we introduced additional spaces along the front of the marina building and a temporary car park at the Lairdsland Primary School site was available following our move to provide some degree of short term mitigation.”

He added: “Employees have been advised to park considerately and legally. Provision has also been made for employees to utilise the car park at Tom Johnston House.

“The range of parking across the area is not solely attributable to the marina. People from many of the surrounding properties and businesses park on the street.”

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