Call for gang crackdown in Bishopbriggs and North Glasgow

Football violence. Posed by models. For features. Chav Charva Ned Thug
Football violence. Posed by models. For features. Chav Charva Ned Thug

TURF wars between violent gangs in Bishopbriggs and North Glasgow must be tackled, say terrified residents.

They fear that repeated incidents of gang fights around the Auchinairn Road area in Bishopbriggs at weekends could lead to a hooligan – or innocent member of the public – being killed or seriously injured.

The fighting is believed to be between the Gringos gang from Balornock and the Bisons from Auchinairn.

Last year police focused on youth disorder in the area following a spate of incidents.

But two weeks ago a 15-year-old boy was hit over the head with a golf club on Littlehill Golf Course – which backs on to Auchinairn Road.The youngster was rushed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary to receive treatment following the assault.

One local mother, who lives in the vicinity of Auchinairn Road, said: “It was lucky the guy who was hit on the head with a golf club wasn’t killed.

“This is between gangs of 15 and 20 and it’s not always teenagers involved – some of them are well into their 20s.”

The worried mum says sustained police action is needed before someone is seriously hurt.

She said: “I realise it’s difficult for the police because when they arrive, the kids just flee over the golf course, but it is really frightening if you’re caught up in the fights.”

Inspector John O’Neill, based at Bishopbriggs Police Station, said: “Police officers from Baird Street and Bishopbriggs have been working alongside their colleagues from the Gangs Task Force and the Divisional Motor Cycle Crime Team to tackle the issue of gang- related anti-social behaviour in the area of the golf course and Auchinairn Road. This work continues.”

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