Call for map of old mineshafts in Strathkelvin

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UNMARKED mineshafts in the Stepps area have to be identified to avoid a repeat of a tragedy which claimed the live of a woman in Ayrshire.

Lawyer Alison Hume (44) died after falling 45 feet down a disused mineshaft in East Ayrshire in 2008 (pictured).

A recent Fatal Accident report found that the Goat Foot Colliery shaft, near Galston, had never been identified by the Coal Authority - who survey former mining areas for any dangerous subsidence or unsecured mine entrances.


Members of Stepps and District Community Council have now written to the Coal Authority asking whether there could be similarly unmapped mineshafts near the village.

A spokesman for the Coal Authority said: “We have a proactive mine entry inspection regime and we look first at those that present the highest risk.

“At present, the programme is focusing on mine entries in residential areas and we don’t often find any problems.”