Call for speed humps at accident blackspot

Stephen Wright and his family suffered a terrifying ordeal when a car crashed into their home.
Stephen Wright and his family suffered a terrifying ordeal when a car crashed into their home.

We demand to feel safe in our homes ­- that’s the message to the council from families ahead of a crunch meeting over an accident blackspot.

They want speed humps installed on Bankhead Road 
at the lead up to its junction with Waterside Road in Kirkintilloch.

The traffic calming 
measure is one of a number of recommendations put 
forward in an independent report commissioned by East Dunbartonshire Council 
released to the public today (Wednesday).

Residents of Waterside Road, which has been the scene of two major crashes over the past year, say this is the ONLY recommendation in the report likely to stop the problem of speeding drivers.

Last October, Stephen Wright and his family cheated death when a car smashed into their house at the junction and ended up in their living room.

Then in June, the same family were shocked when a motorbike crashed at the same spot.

The Herald has been campaigning with residents and politicians to demand traffic calming measures be installed. The results of the survey are to be discussed at the council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 13.

Other recommendations in the report include rumble strips on the approach to the junction which, it said, would make the junction “more visible” and give drivers “an audible warning of the approaching junction”.

But residents said these were “useless” to deter joyriders.

The strips alert inattentive drivers of potential danger through vibration and rumbling transmitted through the wheels.

Mr Wright told the 
Herald: “This would only add to the thrill of the boy racers addicted to speed.

“Rumble strips would be a complete waste of money. We are not talking about the 
ordinary driver here. This is for the idiots who don’t stop.”

He added: “Speed humps would be great”, a feeling shared by resident Richie MacDonald, who posted on the Herald’s Facebook site: “Chicane and double speed humps 50 yards down Bankhead Road.”

Mr Wright added: “I know buses don’t like them but there are speed bumps and chicanes outside Harestanes Primary, where there are buses passing.

“If the council says Strathclyde Passenger Executive will not look favourably on speed humps, will the council’s lawyers challenge this to make local constituents safe in their own homes?

“We are working people with young families. We pay our council tax. We want to feel safe in our own homes.”

Other recommendations in the report are Give Way warning signs, high friction road surfacing for skid resistance and a traffic island.

The report also states: “Along this stretch, Bankhead Road has an open rural nature and this may be contributing to excessive speed on the approach to the junction resulting in vehicles failing to give way at Waterside Road.”

Residents had earlier asked for a crash barrier but the council said this would be “unsuitable” for the location.