Calls for crackdown on out-of-control canines in Kirkintilloch

Luggie Park football pitches
Luggie Park football pitches

FURIOUS pet owners have issued a plea for police patrols to clamp down on dogs in a popular park.

Dog walkers say that the problem at Luggie Park, in Kirkintilloch, has been getting out of hand in recent weeks.

There are fears that unless something is done soon an injury – or worse – to a dog or child is inevitable.

One resident, who regularly walks his dog in the park, said: “Most of the dog walkers are familiar with each other and the dogs are well socialised – so there is usually no hesitation about the dogs being off their lead and letting them play.”

But he says that has all now changed, as anti-social owners and pets are starting to take over the park.

He explained: “Recently as I was approaching the skate park there were a group of adults with two rottweilers running free with no muzzle.

“One of them approached my dog in an aggressive manner, which prompted the owner into action, running over and panicking before finally getting the dog by the collar.

“Seconds later the same thing happened with another dog walker which almost had serious consequences.

“I then walked over the bridge at the skate park to be met by a very hostile Staffordshire bull terrier which came hurtling towards my dog, growling and foaming from the mouth.”

He added: “Who is to say that these dangerous dogs wouldn’t have ran in to the skate park and caused harm to kids or young adults?

“Would it be too much to ask to have a couple of police officers walk through the park to sort these problems out?”

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