Calls to re-construct speed humps through Lenzie

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A motorist is calling on the council to replace speed bumps after his car was damaged while travelling through Lenzie recently.

Retired car mechanic Bill Miller regularly used Lindsaybeg Road to visit his sister in Milngavie, but said the speed restricting bumps are completely the wrong design.

The 64-year-old from Airdrie said: “I am not against these things, but they are the wrong design. I’m not sure of the technical term for them but they look like pyramids with the tops cut off them. I have a 61 plate Fiat Bravo and have scraped the sump. I could understand if my car had been modified with lower suspension, but it all standard.”

Mr Miller who has been driving for 45-years contacted the council and was told an engineer would go out to inspect the speed bumps. He was also told he would be sent a claim form for the damage to his vehicle.

He added: “I have not received the claim form and don’t think I ever will. What I want to know is how much the council spend on compensating drivers for damage to their car. Wouldn’t this money be better spent re-constructing these bumps?”

Thomas Glen, depute chief executive for Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets, said: “The council worked with local people about traffic calming in this area and the speed bumps have been installed here for a number of years without complaint.

“The speed bumps have been designed to modern standards and constructed to meet the requirements of road safety. Whilst these have been recently checked for safety and all found to be within acceptable limits, the council’s roads network team is always very happy to receive feedback from the public and will look into any points raised.

“Anyone who would like to report any damage or to discuss the traffic calming in this area should call 0300 123 4510 or email”