Campsie burn has been Tangoed – strange colour has walkers baffled

milton of campsie, stream gone orange
milton of campsie, stream gone orange
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AN investigation is underway after a crystal-clear stream turned a vivid orange colour overnight.

Jim Mcgregor, from Lennoxtown, was walking near his house on Crow Road recently when he saw the bizarre sight.

The stream runs alongside the road as it passes Campsie Golf Course.

Jim said: “It’s something I’ve certainly never seen here before and it does seem very strange.

“Further up the Campsies you sometimes see patches of orange underneath the water, but nothing like this.

“I’ve no idea what is causing it, but I presume the water is picking up some mineral or something from the ground on the way down from the hills.”

When the Herald contacted the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) about the discoloured stream they said they would look into the matter.

However the SEPA spokesperson said it was unlikely to be dangerous or toxic, and that the colour could be a side-effect of recent heavy rain.

The spokesperson explained: “This area is the location of a number of old mine workings, which have caused similar issues in the past. The orange colour is produced by the ferrous materials being dissolved in the water.

“We will have to carry out an investigation before coming to any definite conclusions and our team will carry this out in due course.”

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