Campsie Mayfest looks to get right to the art of the matter

Art in Milton of Campsie is flourishing and excitement is mounting as the Campsie Mayfest approaches.

The 20 artists in Milton of Campsie Art Club are currently finalising their paintings and arranging for them to be professionally mounted and framed - in preparation for the exhibition opening on Friday, May 13 at 6pm, in Milton of Campsie Village Hall.

This is the official opening event of the Hall Trust’s Campsie Mayfest weekend of music and art events.

Everyone is invited - just turn up to see the 70 pictures which will all be on sale, plus mounted prints.

At the opening there will be free refreshments and live background music provided by a violinist, a guitarist, a pianist and a lute player.

If you arrive early at 5.30pm you will even get a preview of the paintings before the official opening.

The opening lasts for over an hour and afterwards, at 7.30pm, the terrific pop/cover band, Factor Forte, kicks off with four instrumentalists and three singers.

Organisers hope people will view the exhibition before listening to the band later in the evening.

The art exhibition will run in the hall until 4.30pm on Sunday, May 15 (Saturday morning excepted).

Check out the art club website for more information on the exhibiting artists: and see full details of all events on website:

For further information telephone: 01360 311944.