Can you give these adorable deaf puppies a good home?

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Could you give these cute Staffordshire Bull Terriers puppies a good home?

Dogs Trust has launched an appeal to find owners for this fantastic foursome who were born totally deaf.

They not only need loving new human owners they will need doggy mentors to help show them the ropes and give them some expert on the job training on how to be wonderful family pets.

The Dogs Trust is hopeful that these playful pooches will be able to celebrate National Deaf Awareness week (May 19-24) in happy new homes of their own.

The eight week old pups were brought to the Rehoming Centre in Uddingston, Glasgow when their owner was unable to find homes for them.

The mischievous pups, two boys and two girls, have already become firm favourites with staff who have nicknamed them the sweetie pups, calling them Jelly Bean, Pear Drop, Cola Fizz and Bubble Gum due to their cute looks and affectionate natures. They are now ready to go to live with experienced owners who understand the training involved in teaching a deaf puppy.

Dogs Trust Glasgow Veterinary Nurse, Mary Ward said: “The puppies suffer from congenital deafness. This is not uncommon in white dogs and, sadly, often results in many puppies such as these ending up in rescue centres or abandoned when breeders are unable to sell or find homes for them.

She added: “Fortunately for these pups Dogs Trust never put a healthy dog down. The full support of our behaviour team will be given to their new families to help train the pups to learn sign language to give them the best possible start in life. We really hope that they will not be overlooked just because they are deaf as they are such super little characters who would make very rewarding pets in the right homes.”

To offer a home to these puppies or any of the wonderful dogs cared for at Dogs Trust Glasgow, please call the Rehoming Centre directly on 0141 773 5130 or visit