Can you help out at Low Moss Prison?

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HAVE you got time to “extend the hand of friendship” at a new prison?

HMP Low Moss, in Bishopbriggs, is set to open next month and a team of church-goers are aiming to provide a number of free services at the new jail.

On Monday, members of Christian organisation Mothers’ Union met up to register volunteers who hope to run a cafe, a creche and homework classes for those visiting the prison. Managers at Volunteer Centre East Dunbartonshire have now jumped on board and are helping to sort out the paperwork and co-ordinate training.

Ann Glenesk, president of the Mothers’ Union Glasgow and Galloway Diocese, said: “It’s all about welcoming our new neighbours at Low Moss and extending the hand of friendship.

“It has been designed to be a community facing prison and there will be people from the local community both working and serving sentences in it.

“There is no doubt of the motivation and desire to make HMP Low Moss a prison of excellence.

“I hope that the volunteers can, in their own way, contribute to that excellence.”

For more information about volunteering at the new Low Moss Prison go to: