Candidates quizzed by voters at hustings event

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There was standing room only when hundreds of voters quizzed candidates for the forthcoming East Dumbartonshire seat in the general election.

Organised by the fight to save St Joseph’s Primary School campaign in Milngavie, but with a broad remit to debate every and any topic, five out of six candidates attended. Ross Greer (Greens), Amanjit Jhund (Labour), John Nicolson (SNP), Andrew Polson (Conservative) and Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrat), faced an audience whose ages ranged from primary school and first-time teenage voters right through to pensioners.

UKIP candidate Wilfred Arasaratnam could not be contacted.

One of the organisers, Paula Speirs, said: ‘‘It was absolutely packed, with standing room only. Chairman Kevin McKenna gave everyone three minutes to introduce themselves, then opened it to questions and answers.’’

Topics ranged from trident to school closures, Ttip to fracking and accessible childcare.

Paula added: ‘‘It was very good humoured, it was lively. It was definitely well worth having.’’

She thanked Kevin McKenna for turning down filming opportunities with STV and BBC in favour of chairing the hustings event.